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Burned In Braille


Burned In Braille

 In early 2019, Deven Starr had a lucid dream about being on stage in front of thousands of people.  As he turned around to assess the situation - he realized that his friend, Michael Casella II, was on the drums.  Behind Michael was a big banner with a smokey/celestial logo with the words “Burned In Braille” on it.  Deven assumed “Nice, we must be opening for this band!  That’s a pretty sweet band name.”  Then, as he looked back towards Michael - that same logo was on his kick drum. He then realized  “Oh wait, that's us!”.  After a comedic phone call to Micheal in a half-awaken stupor explaining the dream - Burned In Braille was officially born.  Deven and Michael (McSquared90 on TikTok) had performed together for a few years and had recently started working in the studio with their friend and guitarist/vocalist, Daniel Guanchez.  Daniel mentioned a childhood friend of his from Venezuela, Gabriel Gutierrez, was moving to the area and was a very talented bassist who was looking to join a creative project.  It only took writing/practicing one song to realize that this band has a special chemistry.   BIB is complete with the invaluable work and help of Carter Crick with videos and live performance lighting. Two years, and a worldwide pandemic later - we are Burned In Braille.

**A very special thank you to the following awesome people:


Scott "Scooby" Bush - producer/owner of "Timeline Studio" in Nashville, TN for recording & producing our debut EP

Russ "The Colonel" Richey of "RB3 Pedals & Amp Repair" in Port Charlotte, FL for allowing us to use his beautiful studio to record part of our music video "Becoming Evil" and also making sure all of our gear is always at it's full potential

Tim Sutherland of "TSSutherland" in Washington for bringing the dream vision to life with the cover art & design elements of our products

All of the wonderful actors in "Becoming Evil"

- Pete Fasenelli

- Morgan Koss

- Noah Ladensack

- Juilan Gauthier

- Michelle S.

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